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My name is Alesya Miroshnikov, I am a certified dog trainer and behaviourist with over thirteen years experience in training, helping as well as educating owners and their dogs. I have been successfully working with different ages, sizes, shapes, breeds, types of temperament and other dog related problems.



  • Ziggy2
    Ziggy (Labrador/Husky/Border Collie Cross)
    Owner: Tony Johnson (London)

    “When I emailed Alesya to explain the issues I wanted her to work on she responded with “Impulse control!” Dead right! After 3 weeks, during which I received video clips of Ziggy and his training he returned a much calmer and better behaved dog. In the clips he was always happy and enjoying himself. I can’t speak highly enough of Alesya – she clearly understands dogs and their behaviour!”
  • IMG_2826
    Sunny (Beagle Cross)
    Owner: Julie La Coste (Tunbridge Wells)

    “Sunny has been so good! He is much quieter and calmer. He is joining our dog pack so nicely now. He has amazing eye contact now. Training very easy. He went off after a bunny in the field but came bounding back when I called him. Excellent report. He is so much character! You did well. Xx “
  • IMG_6393
    Cole (Newfoundland Cross)
    Owner: Daniela Lo Re (Harrow)

    “He has truly come home a different dog! No more barking during meals no more jumping at the table and I love the way he waits by the door after the walk to have his collar removed! We bought all the things you suggested and Cole really enjoys his split anthers! A big hug from Cole! Daniela”
  • Amber
    Amber (cross breed)
    Owner: Harry Weinert (London)

    “Alesya is a very friendly and active dog trainer, she shows you training techniques and fun ways to get your little one under control, getting you involved every step of the way as you’ll be the one who needs to reinforce these fun little training games!”
  • ronnie
    Ronnie (Cocker Spaniel)
    Owner: Sharon Clarke (Reading)

    “Alesya has helped us understand our dog and given us great techniques to improve his behaviour. She has also taught us how to improve his walks, play training and enrichment ideas. Ronnie has improved lots, so have we, which makes everyone much happier. We have only had 2 sessions but achieved so much. Alesya is very calm friendly extremely knowledgable and supportive. Highly recommended”
  • JD+tibetan
    JD (Tibetan Terrier)
    Owner: Natalya Ortynskaya

    “This lady is a dog whisperer! 🙀 Alesya helped us bond with our little monster and learn a few good tricks. We absolutely love our dog training time and always look forward to it!”
  • poppy+lab
    Poppy (Labrador)
    Owner: Karen Gallagher (London)

    “I would thoroughly recommend Alesya if you need any help and guidance with training your dog. Poppy wasn’t very good at recall in the park and with a few tips from Alesya she is getting much better and will usually come when we call her. Her lead walking is better too, but this is taking a bit longer, however, after one hour’s training we feel much happier. Thank you for your help. Mr and Mrs G. ”
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