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  • Alvin (Pomeranian)

    Alvin (Pomeranian)

    “Alesya has literally changed our life and our dog’s life completely. We had tried many trainers before and was about to give up when I came across her, we have done a few training sessions with our dog on the park, but he went for a 3-week residential training with her was when we saw a change in Alvin. She understands him as nobody has ever done, and he came back home another dog. If I would think of the best scenario ever when bringing Alvin home, she actually excelled that by miles. He has been through a tough surgery, so he had many bad habits, and those are long gone. His sleeping pattern changed, no more anxiety problems, learnt how to play with other dogs, walks on the park with no leash and is absolutely a beautiful dog to have around. We highly recommend her a million times.”

    Owner: Giovana Petry (Greenwich)
  • Cookie (Cavapoo)

    Cookie (Cavapoo)

    ”I contacted Alesya after seeing her on Instagram and seeing the training that she offered.

    I had taken my Cavapoo Puppy Cookie to puppy classes before but felt in a busy class full of puppies it was difficult for us both to concentrate. Also within the class recall was being taught on lead which wasn’t very beneficial! Cookie had a bad experience off lead in our local park and was chased by three large dogs she ran out of the park and I couldn’t get her back. After that I felt really worried and knew we needed help to install recall properly.

    Alesya visited my home to meet Cookie first and get to know her. It was all very calm and Cookie felt very comfortable with her. Alesya could immediately see what Cookie needed and gave me a Clicker to start using for Recall. I used this all week and with one Click then a treat Cookie was really responsive to this technique.

    The following week Alesya met us in the park and showed me how to use the clicker for Recall and to keep Cookies attention towards me. Alesya also suggested having a tug toy which only ever came out on walks for recall, this certainly works and Cookie comes back instantly to me if I get that out!!!

    Thank you so much Alesya for all your help, within two sessions everything was sorted out for us and I couldn’t recommend you enough. You are absolutely brilliant and I will not hesitate to contact you in the future if we require any further help.”

    Owner: Donna Ross-Gower (Sittingbourne, Kent)
  • Alfie (Havanese)

    Alfie (Havanese)

    “Alesya came to help us with Alfie when he started to display anti social behaviour with barking and chasing strangers on our walks, this was a very upsetting and worrying situation as Alfie is a loving affectionate dog otherwise, and so I felt out of control as he was non selective and unpredictable. Alesya was extremely friendly, confident and made me feel at easy with the situation and positive that it could be managed and corrected. She gained Alfie’s trust within half an hour and from there on he started to respond to her with great joy. Alesya showed us how to gain control with simple excercises to which Alfie responded and enjoyed so much, at no point did he feel he was being punished or told off, on the contrary, he was only constantly rewarded, which I think is why he has responded so well. Our walks now are a joy once again with no fear of him misbehaving for no apparent reason as he used to do, he’s like a different dog. We met with Alesya a few times, as well as communicated via email and text, she truly is a gifted dog trainer and I woulhd highly recommend her.
    Whilst this was our main concern with Alfie she also helped with other small issues, as once you see what amazing things she can achieve you realise the potential. I will in no doubt contact Alesya in future if needs be.”

    Owner: Reyes Nicolau (Weybridge)
  • Marlie (Beagle)

    Marlie (Beagle)

    “Alesya is fantastic trainer. She has helped me very much with my beagle Marlie. I was slightly concerned about training with Marlie when lots of people told me beagles can be hard to train and one person told me they were untrainable, but I can safely say that hasn’t been the case with Alesya’s help. All lessons are fun and interactive and in a relaxed setting, which I think helps the cause. Alesya explains things clearly and easily and goes over them as many times as it takes for Marlie or me to get the techniques perfect. I’m also really impressed with the follow up emails I get and any advice when I have questions. I can and will throughly recommend Alesya to anybody who is looking for a knowledgable and professional trainer.”

    Owner: Alex Henry (London, Carshalton)
  • Homer (Bullterrier)

    Homer (Bullterrier)

    “Alesya is not only a very good dogs coach but also a great behaviorist. She helped us to understand our dogs problem and hit the nail on the head. Alesya is outgoing person what helped to arranged our meeting during one phone call. She approached the problem professionally, she watched the dog for a long time, in substantive manner explained us the problem and she recommended appropriate exercises. During the meeting and our conversation, all of which our dog struggled with began to make sense, and we began to understand him more. Other coaches downplayed our problem or do not understand the seriousness of the situation. Recommended by Alesya exercises proved to be beneficial and we saw an improvement already during the first week. The dog enjoys exercises, teaches patience and self-control. After the visit we could count on her support and telephone and e-mail contact. Alesya is characterized by a very high knowledge of the dogs psyche and training methods. We are very pleased with her services and finally we can enjoy our dog. Alesya not only helped to solve our problems but also supports us during the whole therapy. She’s fantastic!”

    Owner: Diana Goralska (London, Hackney)
  • Alfie (Beagle)

    Alfie (Beagle)

    “Just want to say a massive thank you to the best dog trainer ever! Alesya, you’ve done a fantastic job with Alfie! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help with training their dog! Thank you! Xxx”

    Owners: Vita and Hammad Ahmad (London)
  • Amber (cross breed)

    Amber (cross breed)

    “Alesya is a very friendly and active dog trainer, she shows you training techniques and fun ways to get your little one under control, getting you involved every step of the way as you’ll be the one who needs to reinforce these fun little training games!”

    Owner: Harry Weinert (London)
  • Ronnie (Cocker Spaniel)

    Ronnie (Cocker Spaniel)

    “Alesya has helped us understand our dog and given us great techniques to improve his behaviour. She has also taught us how to improve his walks, play training and enrichment ideas. Ronnie has improved lots, so have we, which makes everyone much happier. We have only had 2 sessions but achieved so much. Alesya is very calm friendly extremely knowledgable and supportive. Highly recommended”

    Owner: Sharon Clarke (Reading)
  • JD (Tibetan Terrier)

    JD (Tibetan Terrier)

    “This lady is a dog whisperer! 🙀 Alesya helped us bond with our little monster and learn a few good tricks. We absolutely love our dog training time and always look forward to it!”

    Owner: Natalya Ortynskaya
  • Poppy (Labrador)

    Poppy (Labrador)

    “I would thoroughly recommend Alesya if you need any help and guidance with training your dog. Poppy wasn’t very good at recall in the park and with a few tips from Alesya she is getting much better and will usually come when we call her. Her lead walking is better too, but this is taking a bit longer, however, after one hour’s training we feel much happier. Thank you for your help. Mr and Mrs G. “

    Owner: Karen Gallagher (London)
  • Mort and Maurice (Two Lovely Pugs)

    Mort and Maurice (Two Lovely Pugs)

    “We have been lucky to work with Alesya on two occasions. When we adopted our first little pug, we were concerned about some of his habits, and because he has been through several homes before coming to us we wanted to approach his undesired behaviours in the right way. Alesya gave us the reassurance we needed to know that we haven’t taken on an “impossible task”, and showed us very practical and straight-forward ways of educating our little boy. Alesya followed up with us several times afterwards making sure everything was progressing as planned, so we felt confident knowing that help is only a phone call away! When we adopted our second pug we gave Alesya a call again as we wanted to know how to introduce the second dog into our household successfully. Alesya immediately understood the nuances in the relationship between the two dogs; and also pointed out straight away that our second pug had a much more delicate character, which required a totally different teaching/training approach. We would not hesitate to recommend Alesya to any owners who want to improve their understanding of, and relationship with, their dog, be it a puppy or an adult.”

    Owners: Paul and Ana Martinez (London, Kensington)
  • Albie (Yorkshire Terrier)

    Albie (Yorkshire Terrier)

    “Alesya helped us train our 2 year old rescue Yorkie, Albie who was reactive on the lead to other dogs and after several operations in quick succession had also began barking at people if startled too. Alesya took us out immediately and sussed out Albie’s anxieties straight away helping us implement techniques which were practical, easy to apply and have rapidly made Albie more confident with other dogs in all situations. It’s been a joy to see and his obedience levels have soured as a result of the techniques she taught us. He’s easy to manage on walks and our bond is much closer as a result. Alesya is lovely to be around and her enthusiasm is infectious. I would recommend her to anyone worried about their dogs behaviour.

    Best wishes for the competitions Alesya! Your training truly has changed our whole relationship with him, having you help us so much, we are so grateful. Hayley”

    Owners: Hayley and Elisa O'Brien (London)
  • Atman (Weimaraner)

    Atman (Weimaraner)

    “Alesya helped us with our weimaraner (a boy, now one year old), a notoriously finicky bread to handle. Alesya not only coached us how to train him, but, most importantly, helped us to understand his needs and how his psychology works, how to keep him interested and to make him enjoy following instructions. Alesya taught us how to establish proper relationships at home, so that the dog is not intimidated and exhibits his lively personality, but understands when to do what he is asked for. Our boy now reliably responds to commands both at home and outside, allowing us to let him play and run around without worry. Alesya’s guidance greatly contributed to our joy of having a cheerful dog in our family. “

    Owners: Igor and Victoria Alexeev (London/Spain)
  • Nino (American Bulldog)

    Nino (American Bulldog)

    “My son decided to buy and bring home a puppy that was 4 months old and was an American Bulldog. As this breed falls into the category of dogs with bad reputations, I was quite concerned and did not want to end up with a dangerous dog. Therefore, I decided to find someone to assess him. We found Alesya through an advert and asked her if she would be able to come over and give us her opinion as an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist. She scheduled a consultation with us for 1.5hrs, but actually spent nearly 3 hours with us giving us advice and training tips. We then spent another few days training with her and if you follow her procedures you will have a very well behaved dog. Alesya also assessed our dog to the “T”. She said he was good natured and quite lazy. He is now nearly 3 years old and he is still good natured and lazy. Therefore, we would highly recommend Alesya as she is a really great dog trainer and a very sweet and communicative person. Silvija Bondi”

    Owner: Silvia Bondi (London)
  • Seth and Violet (both Italian Greyhounds)

    Seth and Violet (both Italian Greyhounds)

    “My dog Seth was a problem child to say the least, hyper, naughty, not listening to commands. After 1 or 2 lessons with Alesya we were all able to learn how to control and train Seth better. He is now a really great dog. Alesya has an amazing way with animals and really knows just what they are thinking, and how to solve any problem.. She is also a lovely person too and it’s a pleasure to spend time training every week. Strongly recommend Alesya’s expertise for any dog problems you may have.”

    Owner: Laura Coleman (London)
  • Shaan and Tej (both Poodle cross)

    Shaan and Tej (both Poodle cross)

    “When I first moved to London, my 8-month-old miniature poodle was not responsive to his name or to me, pulled on the leash constantly, and was uncontrollable off-leash. With her extensive knowledge in dog behavior, and psychology Alesya was able to guide me in adjusting my behavior in order to help my dog understand what I wanted from him. The result was not only a strengthened bond between dog and owner, but a happier, healthier, and more obedient companion with whom I spent many delightful afternoons strolling around the parks with. I could not have asked for a better trainer for my dog (or for myself!) You can bet that when I got a new puppy, Alesya was the first person I called!!! Thank you for everything Alesya.”

    Owner: Yaesshna Pillay (Singapore, London, Dublin)
  • Bella (Jack Russell x Bichon)

    Bella (Jack Russell x Bichon)

    “Alesya is the TOP dog trainer! She is professional, patient, flexible and highly communicative person! Alesya helped me to understand how to work with my dog (she does work with the dog, but also she works with you and explains how to handle/train your dog)! She uses positive training methods and describes why these techniques are important! Alesya showed me how to train my Bella and keep it FUN! It’s fantastic – everything she suggested has worked!!! Bella from extremely unsure dog became well confident and much happier dog. I can see brilliant results!!! Thank you!!”

    Owner: Jovita Eizinaite (London)
  • Maggie (German Shepherd)

    Maggie (German Shepherd)

    “I just like to say that the training me and Maggie are having is the best I have come across for years”

    Owner: Kevin Varian (London)
  • Chaussette (Boston Terrier)

    Chaussette (Boston Terrier)

    “Our little Boston terrier puppy was only three months when we found Alesya’s contact on the internet and started to train her. At first we didn’t have much faith because our puppy was so young but were soon impressed of how much/fast she could learn. Our experience with Alesya was great! And we have taught our dog a variety of commands and got rid of unwanted behaviours as soon as Alesya spotted them. Her reward based/positive approach to training meant out dog absolutely adored her and had fun on training sessions. Thank you so much Alesya! For your hard work, reliability and patience. We have now a happy and well adjusted dog”

    Owner: Victoria Bennett (Bromley, Kent)
  • Elvis (Westie X Jack Russell)

    Elvis (Westie X Jack Russell)

    “I asked Alesya for help with my rescue dog Westie X JRT, who had developed aggressive behaviour after being attacked by another dog. She was excellent. Alesya’s skills are exceptional. Teaching is very clear, focused and easily understandable. I’m so grateful to have my sweet adorable companion back. We both learned a lot.
    Am so glad I found Alesya and would greatly recommend her to anyone.”

    Owner: Kirsi Pyy (London)
  • Siousxie (Staff Cross)

    Siousxie (Staff Cross)

    “We recently used Alesya to help us with our very hyper Rescue Staffy puppy. We were really struggling with our pup Siousxie who jumped up at people, barked constantly, was terrible with recall and expected a lot of attention.
    Alesya helped us to understand the needs of our pup better. This included teaching her self control and getting better responses from our verbal responses and body language.
    Siouxsie is now almost 100% on recall. Has much better self control and is much less attention seeking. Her barking has improved also.
    We would highly recommend Alesya. She had an exceptional awareness of dogs and their needs!! Kirstine & Ruth”

    Owner: Kirstine Hunter and Ruth Cooper (London)
  • Shera (Labrador)

    Shera (Labrador)

    “We decided to get a trainer for our first dog shera as we had no clue on what to do and we chose Alesya. He was 4 months old when she first came and now he’s 9 months and very well trained. In the park he is great. With recall, tricks and other dogs. Also at home he is very well behaved. Our lab has become a very stable dog because of Alesya. We would very highly recommend her!”

    Owner: Baba Kakkar (Harrow, Middlesex)
  • Chessy (German Shorthaired Pointer)

    Chessy (German Shorthaired Pointer)

    “Alesya was our personal dog coach for a half of a year. Our dog – german pointer Chessy was absolutely a mess – she jumped on strangers, tried to play with children, chased runners and joggers in the park and never obeyed anyone. To start with, Alesya gave us lots of very helpful pieces of advice, secondly, spent lots of her time during our practical classes, thirdly, she was always accurate, polite to me and my dog. I can definitely recommend her and her extensive knowledge to anyone – from a small breed to the biggest one. I wish her all the best in her job!”

    Owner: Julia Viktorov (London, Richmond)
  • Paddington (Yorkshire Terrier)

    Paddington (Yorkshire Terrier)

    “Alesya has worked with our Paddington for several months on a variety of behavioural issues. Some of these persisted for months, and we tried several trainers and techniques to no avail. From the outset Alesya was able to form a unique and special bond with Paddington. Her insights into dog behaviour and psychology (and maybe more so – human behaviour and psychology!) have been instrumental in making a real difference in Paddington’s behaviour, even after a single session. Alesya is a unique and special person and trainer – she combines love for animals with exceptional understand of why they do things to achieve impact, while building a strong and positive relationship with the dog, and without using anything but positive reinforcement. My wife and I (and Paddington of course) would recommend Alesya to anyone who is struggling with improving the quality of their life with their dog – she is one of a kind!”

    Owner: Marina Teter and Dima Podpolny (London)
  • Yuki (Japanese Akita)

    Yuki (Japanese Akita)

    “When I got my akita pup she was a blessing and had a very good nature but she was already six months and not trained at all. Alesya helped me understand all the basic things I had to know about dog training : what dogs perceive and what to show them in order to obtain obedience. She was very clear and Yuki and I have been trained in no time. She became aware of my presence and started retrieving very quickly after I started the exercises as well as she stopped pulling the lead. It was a very efficient and satisfying experience.”

    Owner: Alexia Moura (London)
  • Cupid (Chihuahua)

    Cupid (Chihuahua)

    “I would absolutely recommend Alesya as a dog trainer. I contacted her to help me with my dog who was very anxious around other dogs and therefore walks were a nightmare. We did a few sessions with Alesya and it made a huge difference. Cupid is much more confident and walks are a lot more enjoyable for both of us because of this. Alesya has an incredible way with dogs and has a true understanding of how their minds work. Most importantly, Cupid loves her! “

    Owner: Inez Flynn (London)
  • Cassie and Hugo (Pomeranian Cross and Pomeranian)

    Cassie and Hugo (Pomeranian Cross and Pomeranian)

    “Alesya has been great, she definitely managed to teach them on their first session. Ilearnt a lot and my dogs really enjoyed their training! I am planning to have sessions in the near future! I really recommend Alesya’s services! Helene.Ferro”

    Owner: Helen Ferro (London)
  • Pepper (Border Collie)

    Pepper (Border Collie)

    “I first called Alesya when I brought my first puppy home. As a border collie Pepper started showing signs of herding everything that moved including cars. Firstly Alesya was really reassuring and understanding and knew what to do straight away. She was able to give me advice of which exercises I cold put into practice myself with simple objects at hand in the household to keep the puppy occupied and stimulate her brain. Alesya knew the breed and so when different behaviours started to develop we could be always ahead of them to intervene and get her off bad habits.It was easy for Alesya to correct undesirable behaviors such as car’s herding so we didn’t need loads of sessions which would have costs us more money. The comprehensive programme she developed for my dog to come when you call her, control levels of anxiety and excess chewing worked straight away and it was me who needed an extra few sessions for confidence. I didn’t know what I would have done without her. Probably paid hundreds of pounds unnecessarily or have a completely out of control sheep dog. I have recommended Alesya to several people who loved her and are as pleased as I am with the results. Thank you Alesya for everything you have done for us. Laura and Pepper”

    Owner: Laura Verini Riley (London/Bromley)
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